The Work and Equalities Institute brings together graduate students to study a range of issues concerned with the changing nature of work and employment.

These include:

  • new forms of worker voice and conflict in the gig economy;
  • migrant networks and the emergence of independent worker networks;
  • regulation and HRM in SMEs;
  • union revitalisation in South America;
  • CSR and labour standards in West Africa;
  • precarious work and women’s employment;
  • technostress and well-being;
  • the impact of automation on women’s work in the retail sector;
  • the experience and/or the regulation of precarious employment;
  • UK pension reforms;
  • bystander behaviour in workplace bullying;
  • women stepping away from high level careers  

The group of students actively present at conferences and organise a range of seminars and research networks within the institute.  There are a number of AMBS scholarships available each year to support new PhD students as well as studentships from the ESRC’s North West Doctoral College.