Platform-based working: the Global Sourcing of Digital Labour and New Forms of Work Organisation

The aim of this project is to investigate platform-based organisations and the associated working practices and experiences.

Funded by the Swedish Research council FORTE, the project involves collaboration with Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, at Luleå Tekniska University in Sweden. The first stage of the project began by providing a holistic overview to categorise the diversity of platforms, noting variances and highlighting common threads (see article: A Typology of Crowdwork Platforms).

coloured cutout paper chain people

Extant research on crowdwork has largely focused on the business benefits, with less attention directed towards worker perspectives.

This project will act as a corrective to the managerialism that dominates the research area by investigating a number of case studies with a view to providing rich, in-depth analysis of working practices and experiences.

Given that a significant number of gig workers rely on platform work to supplement their income, the impact of these non-standard working practices will connect with wider debates on austerity, flexibility, casualization, and increasing job insecurity.