Centre in Advanced Fluid Engineering for Digital Manufacturing

This project examines behavioural change within a new digital environment, to identify how companies use digital information to make better, quicker decisions.

The project will provide the specific focus on innovation management and behavioural change to create a holistic framework across the project.

close up of motherboard

At this point in the evolution of Industry 4.0 much of what is required for the effective integration of the physical and the digital (“hybrid materiality”) is new and untested, especially in the process industries.

This project will begin by mapping and analysing innovation practices within existing Unilever operations and compare to analogous industries and companies. Building on those insights, the project will examine the contextual and behavioural factors that influence radical change in the organization and process of innovation. At the same time, the project will examine behavioural factors that can influence the rate and character of transfer of new technologies and innovation management processes.

We will examine the interaction between expert and enthusiastic adopters of digital workflow, and users and potential adopters who have yet to fully embrace the new methods, and identify instances where this interaction has been effective, and where it has not been productive.

Project team members

  • Andrew James
  • Matthew Allen
  • Joseph Lampel
  • Khaleel Malik
  • Nikolay Mehandjiev

Further information